LET us help you evaluate or deploy knowage bi

We understand you might not have the time to install, test and evaluate if Knowage is the best solution for your business or department. Let us performa proof of concept to help your team evaluate the software without spending a fortune. We also offer training and implementation.


Before investing resources and time on Knowage, let us help you evaluate the software by setting up a proof of concept using your sample data to check if Knowage meets your needs.

Online Training

We offer hands on online training on all Knowage elements including installation and setup, OLAP, KPI's, charts, reports, location intelligence, BIRT e.t.c.


Not a fan of video tutorials? Get our Knowage baby steps books which has all the steps necessary to get you started on Knowage. The books assumes no prior knowledge of Knowage and explains each steps with screenshots to clearly let you follow using your own computer.


Our training has email support to help you raise any questions you might have. You can also request for a one on one skype or Whatsapp support. Let us handle your Knowage support so that you have time for yourself.